Validating xml with dtd in java

The difference is that the DOM builds the entire representation of the document in memory before parsing begins.

But with SAX, as each item is seen as the document is parsed, an event is 'fired' into your program, and it is up to you to keep track of what you care about.

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Source xml File = new Stream Source(new File("web.xml")); Schema Factory schema Factory = Schema Factory Instance(XMLConstants.

URL schema File = new URL(" // webapp example xsd: // URL schema File = new URL(" // local file example: // File schema File = new File("/location/to/localfile.xsd"); // etc.

Or you can set your own via set Resource Resolver, ex: Source xml File = new Stream Source(xml File Location); Schema Factory schema Factory = Schema Factory Instance(XMLConstants.Value: it's just one of many reasons why smart XML developers are choosing Stylus Studio!A Document Type Definition (DTD) defines which elements and attributes you can use inside an XML document. A JAXP implementation could legally use a DOM parser in this case, but there is no reason to. Set Error Handler() as in the example in this SO question…? Sun's JDK 6 uses SAX parser with a Stream Source.

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