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In the old days, they chopped wood, baled hay, ran up and down mountains, and rode motorcycles at a hundred miles an hour. Shiffrin spent this past summer in a series of training blocks, both on and off the snow—in Colorado, California, Chile, New Zealand, and Park City, Utah.

I spent a few days with her in June in Park City, where the U. ski team and its eighty-five-thousand-square-foot training facility, the Center of Excellence, are based.

“Killington was a lot of pressure, and I didn’t realize it till I was there,” Shiffrin told me.

“I was kind of freaking out.” Her extended family, including her grandmother, who was ninety-five, came to watch her race. “Instead of just answering questions, I started to myself answering them,” she said.

(She was injured for half the season the year she didn’t win.) Last March, at the World Cup finals, in Aspen, Colorado, she also clinched the over-all title—compiling more points across all the disciplines than anyone else—the ultimate prize, in the eyes of practitioners, far greater than Olympic gold.“The motivation must come from within” is a mantra I heard her and others repeat.Still, as she did the slide board, Lackie harangued her: “Stay low, c’mon.Since the Winter Olympics in 2002, Park City, flush with the state-of-the-art facilities that were built for the Games, has become a hub of hale but half-broke world-class competitors in obscure frozen-water sports.When Shiffrin and I had dinner one night in town, the waiter, knowing a jock when he saw one, asked her, “What’s your sport?

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