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The first sentient beings of the Milky Way Galaxy known to have developed a civilisation technologically advanced enough to cross the stars was a reptilian race of beings called the Old Ones by the Eldar, who knew them best.They possessed a slow, cold-blooded, but deep wisdom; having long studied the stars and raised astronomy and physics to such a level that their science and technology would appear to humanity like an arcane art.Their understanding of the workings of the universe were such that they could manipulate alternate dimensions and undertake great works of psychic engineering.Their science allowed them to cross the vast gulfs of space with only a single step via the myriad of Warp Gates they had built to connect the worlds of the galaxy in a vast network, much like the Eldar Webway of today; though on a much larger scale.Victory over the Necrons is therefore always a tenuous thing, and a hard-won battle grants little surety of ultimate victory.

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Others are damaged, their entombed legions afflicted by slow madness or worn to dust by entropy's irresistible onset.Yet out of a desire for vengeance against the more fortunate long-lived ancient xenos race called the Old Ones, and the trickery of the godlike intelligences known as the C'tan, the Necrons shed their original organic forms and lost all forms of compassion and empathy, becoming ruthless, undying killing machines who are determined to exert their mastery over the galaxy once more.Across the galaxy, an ancient and terrible race is stirring back to life.They are not creatures of flesh and blood, these Necrons, but android warriors whose immortal forms are forged from living metal.As such, they are almost impervious to destruction, and their mechanical bodies are swift to heal even the gravest wounds.

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