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In the meantime, those same people keep putting more restrictions on tobacco and even e-cigs.

California is an authoritarian state, not libertarian.

Scott, calling them "The libertarian coast" certainly has that ring, doesn't it?

I'm sorry if that's not what you intended to convey but in that case isn't it better you know your title for the post is misleading? S., including California, may have taken a libertarian stance on marijuana legalization and right to die, but it is hardly some kind of libertarian bastion.

I would much rather live to a ripe old age not suffering from any particularly debilitating or painful ending, I am very thankful to live in an age where, should it become clearly too much to handle, the state will not force me to suffer for no good reason in my last months or years.

Of course, I would expect you to be aware of those other policies, at least to some degree.

But since you didn't mention them, readers might get other ideas.

The Economist has a very good article on how the right-to-die movement is progressing in many countries.

I'm not holding my breath about Trudeau coming through on his legalization promise.

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