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Appliquez Eco Prioderm Lotion sur les cheveux secs 2.

Laissez agir Eco Prioderm Lotion sur les cheveux pendant 15 minutes 3.

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En fonctionnant par action mécanique, la lotion étouffe et tue les poux en seulement 15 minutes. Eco Prioderm lotion peut être utilisée chez l’adulte et l’enfant à partir de 6 mois.

Elle peut également être utilisée pendant la grossesse et l’allaitement.1.

The study observed 133 children over a year, and found wet combing to be 57 per cent effective compared with 13 per cent for Malathion.

Wet combing is also recommended by the Department of Health’s NHS choices website.

Eco Prioderm 15 min est une lotion anti-poux qui dispose d'une des plus forte concentration en actifs (99 % de diméthicone), tout en respectant le cuir chevelu : sans colorant, sans parfum, sans alcool et sans paraben.

• After 12 hours, or the next day, if preferred, shampoo hair in the normal way. For Treatment of Crab (Pubic) Lice • Apply to the entire skin surface. • In adults it may not be necessary to apply above the neck. No special sterilisation of clothing is necessary, ordinary laundering or dry cleaning with hot-iron pressing are sufficient. However, the itching and rash may persist for up to 7 days.

• Rinse the hair and comb whilst wet to remove dead lice and eggs (nits) using a nit comb. • Pay particular attention to all hairy areas including beards and moustaches. • Leave on for at least one hour before washing but preferably leave on overnight. If used in children under the age of two years, a thin film of the liquid should be applied to the scalp, face and ears, avoiding the eyes and mouth. If hands or any other parts must be washed during this period, the treatment must be re-applied to those areas immediately. An anti-irritant cream can be applied if necessary.

Work into the hair spreading the liquid evenly from the roots to the tips.

• Leave the hair to dry naturally in a warm but well ventilated room. For Treatment of Scabies • Apply to the entire skin surface.

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