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Based around a series of jump scare sequences and slow character sections in order to attempt to make you feel for the characters while easing the tension of the situation.

It's a tired formula that is becoming all the more clichéd and repetitive.

As a result, his family start to suffer (as does he) and things take a turn for the worse. Similar fictional characters to Bughuul include Pennywise the Clown from Stephen King's "IT", Mearth from the fiction novel "Smog City", Slenderman from the Creepypasta Internet trend and the psychotic mystery murderer from the novel "Syndrome E".

See more » (at around 1h 30 mins) Ellison retrieves firewood from outdoors, where it is raining, and then proceeds to make a perfect, non-smokey fire.

With director Scott Derrickson we are shown again how mainstream horror can creep on us with effective imagery and suggestion.

However elements of the script are where the weaker parts of the film shine.

While managing to bring interesting uses of horror and tension the film often retreads over clichéd ground as though it's trying to keep a warm attitude towards mainstream audiences.

During an exploration of the house Ellison stumbles across a box with an 8mm camera and a selection of films, which upon viewing exploit gruesome murders.

This thrusts area hero into a terrifying mystery as he tries to piece together the meaning behind it all.

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