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Matthew often questions Dream, pointing out the holes in his plans and keeping his perspective in check.Is the spirit of Matt Cable, a supporting character in Alan Moore's A tall thin bookish man who serves as Dream's librarian, maintaining all the books that have ever been dreamt of.Has differently-colored eyes and hair continually changing in color and style.

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Since she and Desire are 'twins', he/she/it seems a likely candidate. Used to be Delight, the personification of joy and happiness, but changed to Delirium long before the onset of the story for reasons unclear (possibly to assert freedom from Destiny).

Notable for convincing Rao, the Anthropomorphic Personification of the Kryptonian sun, to create life on an unstable planet, even though it would be doomed to destruction.

However, it didn't turn out as she'd planned; she intended for there to be a single survivor, "to remember, to mourn, to despair..." Except that single survivor grew up to be Superman, who isn't particularly noted for giving in to despair.

Although his official name is Dream of the Endless, he is often referred to as "Morpheus" and thus that's what this page calls him in order to separate him from his second incarnation.

The second incarnation of Dream, created from transfigured pieces of Daniel Hall's soul.

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