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We built Dns Control to allow us to perform updates easily and automatically across all providers we use.

Originally, our DNS was hosted by our own BIND servers, using artisanal, hand crafted zone files.

Some of these calls include: It is extremely rare for a Clone to have a call that is so offensive that it prompts Rome to request that they never call the show again.

Typically getting banned requires particularly intolerant or racist takes.

"Hater" works to help you find love based on your answer.

) while Delaware apparently can't stand Casey Affleck, the actor who recently starred in the Academy Award-winning "Manchester by the Sea."The responses are a bit different from when Hater found what Philadelphians hate most back in March.

Large changes involved liberal sed usage, and every change was pretty error prone.

We decided to start using cloud DNS providers for performance reasons, but those each have their own web panels, which are universally painful to use.

), and a bunch of your favorite actors and personalities from this network are set to attend the annual extravaganza. ), one of music's biggest nights has featured some of our finest stars.

Check out retro photographs from the 2013, 2009, 2006, 20 installments below (they're featured from most recent to oldest), and be sure to catch the VMAs this Sunday at 9/8c.

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