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As we eliminate the argument of uniqueness, we need to reformulate our question: Why do nationalist organizations label some nationalist activists as traitors, even when these activists contribute to their cause?

Since the leftists such as Tanrıkulu are no rivals in defining Kurdish-ness, they are not labeled as Do the pro-Kurdish activists invoke the strategy of labeling treason because it strikes a strong cultural chord among Kurds?Despite its usefulness, the organizational theory perspective neglects the symbolic dimensions of competition, which are important aspects of strategic action.This article analyzes the PKK-led Kurdish movement’s selective allegations of treason as an outcome of the growing competition to define the Kurdish national identity and as the result of the fragmentation among the Kurdish nationalists.Focusing on recent contestations over Kurdish national identity will illuminate how the construction of external threats and symbolic boundary making (Lamont and Molnár 2002) appear in the form of labeling treason and function as an Niche is a key term to study competition in population biology (Roughgarden 1979).Thinking about reproductive and survival capacity of species’ niche, ecologists suggest that species might engage in a fierce competition as they have similar resource requirements.

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