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A more important aspect of the relationship might be how well you respect and support each other's differences. Instead of looking on a dating site, I think the best way to connect is to involve yourself in the activity you're interested in. My observation is that a person with purpose (a trail to hike, a song to learn, a tightrope to walk, ....) attracts in a more positive way than a person who is waiting for the right companion before committing to a purpose. That passion will attract people who enjoy doing what you do. I probably shouldn't respond as it is really off subject to the OPs question. That is, this time of year the wife will look over at me and ask, with irritation, "is it hiking season yet?I think it's very easy to meet women who are into a fitness lifestyle. You will naturally find others also involved in the activity. On the other hand, I think most couples have areas of compatibility and shared interests as well as areas of conflict and disinterest. " My response, "almost." Note from a single guy who's been using "traditional" online dating sites to meet a lady hiker for far too long...without success, in terms of actually meeting someone who "really hikes." :-) And, evidently "camping" means RVing..really camping.Just trying to come up with options or see how others couples met through their love of backpacking. Louis, looking to find someone who understands this whole active lifestyle/backpacking thing that so many of us here enjoy. You are the envy of many men currently in dead end relationships.

(Says the guy who's been married 35 years.) This reminds me of a couple trips where I met a couple hiking groups and took their pics.

Take a few deep breaths and this desire to find a mate will soon disappear. Go out and do what you're passionate about, join hiking groups, trail maintainence groups, trail magic groups etc. Go to the women's forum and read the thread about "How to spot a Creeper" or some heading like that and don't be that guy they describe. You are the envy of many men currently in dead end relationships.

Being single isnt sad; its liberating; the solitude, the peace, the tranquility Vs a lifetime of nagging, whinning and bitching! All women start off sweet and cute and before you know it, you wake up next to complete opposite.

Your question is about how to connect with women who backpack, but my answer will apply to backpacking or to most any other activity. There's so much to see, to learn, and to experience and it would better to experience it all with someone. :-) There are TONS of things for a single in STL to do with others in the outdoors. And you know, of course, you'll meet the right person only when you aren't looking.

(Says the guy who's been married 35 years.) Pursue what you love to find the one to love. Well make time for it if you want to make time for that person you will meet.

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