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Israel Keyes killed people, but he didn't have an exact count, he said, sitting at a table in an Alaskan jailhouse, hands folded in the lap of his jumpsuit. Keyes confessed to killing eight people across the country before his December 2 suicide in a jail cell in Anchorage, Alaska. Family members of confessed serial killer Israel Keyes visit a funeral home Sunday, December 9, 2012, in Deer Park, Wash.Keyes grew up in Colville, a small Stevens County town (population 4,700) about 70 miles north of Spokane.That's where he got his adolescent jollies, he told investigators, by torturing house pets. And who were all these other victims he refused to identify? But eight seemed a good number, including four he killed in Washington, where he was raised, served in the Army, and began to murder strangers.Thirty-four years old, uncaring eyes set deep in a stony face, Keyes began to recite his modus operandi as if reading off a checklist from the serial killer's handbook.

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A sociopath and an alcoholic, he got off on the nightmarish terror he saw in the eyes of his victims."You might not get exactly what you [want]." But on the upside, "there's also no witnesses, really.There's nobody else around." Yet, unlike serial killers who are more likely to terrorize their own communities, Keyes had a signature tactic: He literally went the extra mile to target strangers, traveling hundreds, sometimes thousands of miles—in one case, at least 6,000 miles round-trip—to find his desired targets.As he explained to his jailhouse inquisitors, he saw America as one big killing field.Investigators would later confirm that Keyes racked up tens of thousands of miles over the past 15 years, much of them traveled in search of victims.

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