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He said he went downstairs with the intention of getting away from Paul.The door was locked and he searched around for keys but couldn’t find them.Military men and Engineers who fall in love with you, then ask for money **ALL** OF THOSE USED, IN THESE PROFILES ARE VICTIMS. Well yet for the right person it will be a perfect mesh I see myself all alone with no family but I'm ok and doing wonderfully well now, except for old memories and the emotions that come along with my ex who I caught with my brother having sex and she ran away with my kid since then I am however certain that i will soon find the love of my life and live a good life with that special someone growing old together . Healing others can take a lot out of me so I am looking for someone to laugh with and take me away from all my past. I'm confident and i love meeting people that are talented If there is anything else you would like to know.... well this is all i want, maybe i am helplessly romantic David PLATT WALLACE.. 'This scammer says he's navy but puts army pictures on.INNOCENT MEN (AND WOMEN ) WHOSE PICTURES HAVE BEEN STOLEN TO STEAL FROM PEOPLE. I am a man who can have respect for woman and I am responsible, I like to be the most attractive man in the world to my woman. I have a huge heart and show that I care in many ways I like working with my hands. Speaks good English likes to wake you up really early.The Police could not gain entry and the Fire Service had to be called to smash the door down.

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He said the two had penetrative sex in Mr Jefferies bedroom but that it hurt him. He made the excuse that he needed to go to the toilet.At Lewes Crown Court today, the prosecution barrister told the jury, on Saturday 27th February, Ben Bamford, of South Street in Crowborough, accompanied by his mother, went to Eastbourne Police Station.The defendant told police that he had been involved in a burglary in Mayfield and a knife was used. At the start of the interview the following day his solicitor read-out a prepared statement.In an attempt to obtain the escape, I caused Paul’s injuries. In a second interview the following day he remained silent throughout.Knives were recovered from the house, along with a rolling pin and a broken candlestick, which were blood stained.

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